Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls

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Dream Herb Herbal Organic Rolls


Each bag includes five premium individual Mexican Dream Herb tubes. Our Mexican Dream Herb is grown organically and is had picked from our fields. We air dry for the highest quality smoke. Packaged in a stryle environment.  All of our Mexican Dream Herb is grown in the United States of America.

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Grown in the United States, Mexican herb has  been a part of native American culture for a very long time. They enjoyed the leaf by brewing it into a bitter stew, drying it and using incense to induce lucid dreaming or as they put it “connecting with the gods”.

Weight 5 oz
  1. Alexis domingo


    This dream herb is amazing! It tastes so good and shipping was very quick. I will definitely be ordering more!

  2. Laurence anderson


    Wow these herbal rolls are delicious. Way better then my pack of cigarettes. May have found my new bedtime treat.

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