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Review of Raw Kratom Leaf by Daniel Young

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Review of Raw Kratom Leaf by Daniel Young

Thanks again for shipping those leaves out overnight to me, it was much appreciated. Quick question for you (and maybe a stupid one) – for the leaves that are starting to turn brown and wilting, are they as effective and still safe to eat? They’ve just been left in the bag they came in so I don’t know if that makes a difference. I don’t want to chomp down on these for the next 20 minutes if I won’t get the desired result or if it will make me sick lol

Here’s is what I’m talking about, I was thinking about eating these ones but wanted to check with you first.

Review of Raw Kratom Leaf by Daniel Young

Loved the fresh leaves, grabbed about 6 of those suckers and chewed on them for about 20 minutes, totally different in a good way, very clean. I did find it took at least 10 leaves to feel comparable to the 6 grams of powdered tea I take usually but they also have their own unique experiences. Not sure what I can say so stop me if I go too far but I do find the fresh leaf helps me stay very clear headed while being able to relax and it has helped with sleep. I have horrible insomnia and refuse to take pharmaceuticals these days so this was a unique surprise to be able to have some aid in that department.

After my first go around I decided to try the sugar method (that’s me in the video) CUSTOMER VIDEO which was much better tasting. Also dipped some in honey to preserve them and that was even better tasting.

Review of Raw Kratom Leaf by Daniel Young

Try our Raw Kratom Leaf! 



I hope everyone can try fresh leaf! It’s wild. I have a pretty high tolerance too. I was shocked

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Customer Fresh Leaf Review 1

Raw Kratom Leaf with Raw Honey Review

Raw Kratom Leaf with Raw Honey Review – I had 1 with honey. Chewed up…… definitely never chewing more than 1 at a time :joy: Immediately felt it. I’m still feeling it! It’s been over 3 hrs. I hope everyone can try fresh leaf! It’s wild. I have a pretty high tolerance too. I was shocked💯 Ive ordered more organic honey from Amazon to keep all these leaves. Didn’t really think that through ordering 30 tea leaves😂   Crystal Rodgers

Raw Kratom Leaf with Raw Honey Review Raw Kratom Leaf with Raw Honey ReviewRaw Kratom Leaf with Raw Honey Review


Botanical Queens- Review fresh kratom leaf

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Fresh leaf from Pervis Walter is seriously amazing. I tried the green, white, pink, and mature. I only needed 2-3 leaves (I mostly spit out the plant matter but you can swallow it!) and added raw sugar to cut the bitterness. It’s not bitter like the powder though. And the 3ff3cts are incredible. Such a light feeling (makes you more aware of the mold content in certain powder teas) and made me feel optimistic, happy, carefree, and yes it helped the pa!n just as much as the powder does. Definitely treat yourself to this! (pm him for more info!).

Seriously, thank you for a life changing experience! I want to do an in-depth review on my YouTube channel of you in the future . More people need to try the fresh leaf!

Emily Petokas – Botanical Queens

Mitragyna Hirsuta – Fresh Leaf

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Mitragyna Hirusta Tree

Mitragyna Hirsuta – Fresh Leaf

Each fresh Mitragyna Hirsuta leaf is equal to around .8 or 1.2g of dried leaf. Each leaf is picked to ship, for freshness we recommend you select 2-day shipping. Your leaf will keep for around eight days in the fridge or 3 – 4 days at room temperature in a sealed bag. It can be air-dried to preserve the leaf at which point it can be stored like your typical Kratom leaf or powder.

Mitragyna Hirsuta

What is Mitragyna Hirsuta?

Mitragyna Hirsuta comes from the same genus and family as Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom plant). It is a popular kratom alternative because it shares similar properties. The leaves are green with a lighter green white vein that runs through them. They tend to be smaller than Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, and have a street name of “kra thum khok”.

The Mitragyna Hirsuta plant is native to the jungles of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Kratom became illegal in 1943 in Thailand and Mitragyna Hirsuta became very popular in this area as an alternative.

Just like kratom, traditional forms of use included chewing the leaf. This was widely done throughout the Southeast Asia culture and is not a prevalent form in the Western World because the plants do not naturally grow here and it is hard to gain access to the actual leaves. They are typically crushed into a powder and sold on the market.

Mitragyna hirsuta powder is a very popular alternative to the kratom plant. It is not offered in a lot of local stores but can be sourced through an online vendor.

Mitragyna Hirsuta vs Kratom

M Speciosa (kratom) has a robust alkaloid content. The high concentrations of mitragynine are what make kratom well known. These alkaloids are known to work with the receptors in the brain. M Hirsuta on the other hand does not contain mitragynine or the other active indole alkaloid that makes kratom well-known, 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Mitragyna Hirsuta is rich in a different alkaloid known as mitraphylline. However, the overall mechanism of this alkaloid is the same as kratom. There is not a lot of scientific research surrounding either herb, which only provides anecdotal experiences to be searched.

What are Mitragyna Hirsuta’s Key Alkaloids

We did touch on this above but let’s take a deeper look at the indole alkaloid profile for Mitragyna Hirsuta. This ancient herb, just like kratom, is known for its key alkaloids and the overall balance that they offer.

However, the two key alkaloids in kratom which tend to be ban by many areas across the globe are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Both of these alkaloids are not present in Mitragyna Hirsuta, which makes this herb much more accessible in the United States.

M Hirsuta contains mitraphylline, which binds to the same mu-opioid receptors in the brain as mitragynine. This alkaloid is also present in kratom and Cat’s Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa). Another alkaloid that was recently discovered in Mitragyna Hirsuta is Isomitraphyllinol.

What are Mitragyna Hirsuta’s Key Alkaloids

The alkaloids in Mitragyna hirsuta are the active compounds that give the herb its effects. Fortunately, Mitragyna hirsuta is free of two of the top “controlled” substances present in kratom: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This makes the herb much more accessible to consumers in the Western world.

Instead, this herb contains an alkaloid called mitraphylline that binds to the same mu-opioid receptors in the brain as mitragynine and is also present in kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) and cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa). Another oxindole alkaloid in the herb has been discovered recently that is called isomitraphyllinol, although the effects of this alkaloid are not currently understood and require further study.

Mature Kratom Leaf – Buy Raw Fresh American Kratom Leaf

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Maeng Da Thai Kratom leaf for sale freeship

Mature Kratom Leaf – Buy Fresh USA Kratom Leaf

As with the changing of the season. We are coming to the end of Winter and turning into spring. The leaf is now at it’s at it’s most mature, after being subjected to the reduced rain fall of the dry season. It really doesn’t get better than this folks. Mature leaf is known to be bitter, and this is no exception. Best enjoyed with honey or sugar!

We are the only kratom vendor online that offers fresh leaf from fully mature kratom trees. Whole kratom leaf is only available when the trees are flowering, and all of our leaf is picked from trees varying in age from 5 – 11 years old. Each leaf is picked to ship, for freshness we recommend you select 2 day shipping. Your leaf will keep for around eight days in the fridge or 3 – 4 days at room temperature in a sealed bag. Can be air dried to preserve the leaf at which point it can be stored like your typical leaf or powder.

Kratom – The sweet treat of The South East

Fresh Raw kratom leaf with sugar in the center

A Kratom Treat!

When the natives in South East Asia have a sore throat they will go out in the fields and pick some fresh leaf off of the trees. Placing some sugar in the center and then chew on the leaf. When they chew the leaf the sugar mixes with the fresh leaf  and becomes sort of like a tasty paste. This paste will retain its sweet taste all the way through. This helps relieve sore your throat and makes the day much more bearable. Below we have written a guide to show you how.

Step 1: Pick some fresh leaf off of your tree. Any leaf will do but we recommend using larger leaves as they are easier to work with.

Step 2: Add sugar to the center of your Kratom Leaf

Step 3: Roll up your Fresh Kratom Leaf and enjoy! Chew the leaf for 3-5 min and either spit or swallow.

How should fresh kratom leaf be stored?

Each fresh leaf is picked to ship.  For the Freshness we recommend you select 2 day shipping. Your leaf will keep for around five to seven days in the fridge or three to four days at room temperature in a sealed bag. Leaf can be air dried to preserve the leaf at which point it can be stored like your typical leaf or powder.

Brewing Kratom Tea with Fresh Kratom Leaf

Kratom Tea in a pot in cup

Crushed Kratom Leaf

Step 1: Prepare your pot and water. Bring a pot of water simmering boil.
Step 2: While your pot reaches temperature. Chop up 30 fresh kratom leaf.
Step 3: Once your pot is at a simmering boil add your fresh leaf to the pot.
Step 4: Add 4 table spoons of lemon juice
Step 5: Boil your leaf for 35 minutes.
But wait! Do not throw out the leaf yet! You can reuse that leaf to make another pot or two. Enjoy

If you would prefer crushed leaf. Our nursery does offer crushed leaf here! 

What are kratom vein colors?

The color of a kratom vein are determined by the content of mitragynine (alkaloids) in the vein. The purpose of producing mitragynan is to protect the tree from insects and animals from eating the leaf. It’s also a stress mechanism. The mitragynan is why the leaf is so bitter and correlates to strength.  This is why more mature leaf is more bitter then fresh leaf.  When kratom leaves mature the alkaloids are sucked back into the tree through the veins. These leaves will look more yellow. 

In winter you see mostly white and green with some red. Spring, mostly green, white, some red, with pink starting to show up. In summer, Seed pod are popping up, you see green, white, pink, red, purple. This continues to happens thru Fall. We should note seed pods are best to pick off the tree in Jan – April. Kratom Vein colors usually have its darkest vein color at the exterior of the plant. Getting lighter as you go inward. But is harder to see in summer – fall as all colors are on the tree. Want to know more? The Kratom Bible is also available here on the #kratomAPP

The more alkaloids in the vein. The more red the vein will be. Purple at the high end of alkaloids. White at the low end of alkaloids. It is possible to see all vein colors grow at the same time on the same tree. (pink, red, purple) more near the bottom as that is where they have roots as that’s where most of the nutrients are. Up the tree will be more (greens and whites). They start getting more color variation the larger they get.

Mature Kratom Leaf?

Mature Kratom Leaf

Mature Kratom Leaf

Mature Kratom Leaf has been sitting on the trees for months before it is picked. Kratom leaf matures over time and as the leaf ages it becomes stronger. This is kratom leaf’s normal life cycle. You can tell a mature leaf will show signs of aging. Edges of the leaf will be a bit more weathered. Leaf that has been further along in the season will have a more yellowish color to the leaf.

How do you de-veining kratom leaf?

What is de-veining? De-veining is taking the main stem that runs thru the kratom leaf and extracting the vein out of the leaf. Veins can be chewy and do not break down as easily while chewing.

How is Mature Kratom Leaf Traditionally Eaten?

In the fields of Indoneasia workers will traditionally fresh raw kratom leaf is chewed orally. Over the course of the day. Traditionally Indonesian farmers will chew 2 – 5 leaf over the course of the day for increased stamina.

How much does fresh kratom leaf weigh?

We get this question often asking how much does Fresh Leaf American Kratom weigh? So we decided to make a short video to show you the differences. Most fresh leaf is equivalent to around .8 grams – 1.2 grams wet. When dried, kratom leaf does not loose a majority of it’s weight maybe a .1 grams to .2 grams.

How long should I expect Shipping to take?

All orders will only ship out Monday – Saturday in batches.  Each order will receive a notification and tracking number once the order goes out. Before contacting our staff we recommend that you check your email and spam filter encase you might have missed us. You can reach our staff at our email or by call/ texting (603)733-4665. We would prefer you send us a text as its easier for our staff to respond to and reference back to in case of future issues. We are available Mon – Sun 8am – 11 pm EST.  A member of our helpful staff would be more than happy to talk with you anytime.


What happens if there is an issue with you order?

We guarantee to get to your leaf to your door healthy and green. But, sometimes things can happen. If there is ever an issue with your order please contact our team immediately. We ask that you email us at or call /text us at (603)733-4665. Texting is preferred. It is helpful if you also include a photo of the situation and your order number. Our helpful staff will try to respond within the hour.

Where does the money from your order go to?

We are a small self funded American Kratom nursery. Our team does not take payment for our work. Everything we make goes back into the nursery, Documenting kratom, Our kratom social media platform Kratom Watchdog, Our kratom avatar chat Kynto, and our other kratom advocacy projects.’

3D Drone Mapping American Kratom Nursery’s

Taking to the sky! Utilizing drones, we are able to document our American kratom nursery’s from a different angle.  These drones are able to 3D map our kratom nursery using a technology called LIDAR. Applying these 3D models into our Kratom Avatar Chat Kynto. Our goal is to map out our entire nursery and insert the nursery into the world for users to interact with these trees. Allowing them to take guided or self guided tours. The cool part, is that we can then translate that information into virtual reality (VR). Available on the PlayStation VR, Oculus Platforms, and Google Cardboard.

We will be opening up our tools and software to allow other nurseries and growers to map out their kratom nursery. Interested in having us out to document your nursery? Contact us here or contact us on the Kratom Watchdog app.

Kratom Watchdog Android & IOS

Kratom Watchdog Android & IOS

Kratom Watchdog Android & IOS

Have you heard of the Kratom Watchdog app? Kratom Watchdog is a kratom social network built from the ground up by one of the founding member of the non-profit American Kratom Association (AKA). A booming social community with a focus on kratom advocacy. Kratom Watchdog is the oldest kratom social media platform online. With over 400 videos and over 200,000 photo’s from our own kratom Nursery. And 7,000 members we have a very strong growers community that are always willing to help. Kratom Watchdog is available on Android, IOS, and at We are a small self funded development studio. If you would like to donate to the development of the platform we would appreciate it. Thank you for your continued support.
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Close up of a single wet fresh Kratom leaf


Wet fresh Kratom leaf still on the tree

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Wet fresh Kratom leaf still on the tree

  1. Wet fresh Kratom leaf still on the tree

    Wet fresh Kratom leaf still on the tree

    Wet fresh Kratom leaf still on the tree

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is one of the most popular due to its natural tendency toward higher levels of  7-hydroxymitragynine, which leads to impressive pain-killing effects, sedation, as well as anxiety and stress relief.

Red veins also tends to be less at the mercy of individual brain chemistry; whereas white and green vein strains often effect people variably.

Native to the Southeast Asia, kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a powerful medicinal plant used by thousands throughout the world. The medicinal potentials of this plant are vast, some of the most prominent include: pain relief, mood lifting, energy and immune system stimulation.

There are entire forums on the use and benefits of this impressive plant, which speaks for this plant’s virtue more than we ever could.

Uses of Kratom

The medicinal effects of kratom are both highly flexible and broad due to variations in alkaloid profile between plants as well as the unique qualities of the alkaloids themselves, which are largely unlike any others known to exist. Traditionally, it has been used for:

  • Pain relief
  • Mood-lifting
  • Energy Promotion
  • Anxiolytic (Anti-Anxiety)
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Immune System Stimulation
  • Nootropic (Cognition Enhancing)
  • Anti-leukemic
  • Anti-malarial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lowered blood sugar


In addition to this large range of medicinal applications, this plant also has many other positive secondary properties such as high-antioxidant and vitamin and mineral content, which has made it an item of interest for general health purposes as well.

Kratom’s pain-killing effects are very pronounced, and are much more effective than OTC substances when dealing with chronic pain. It is these potent pain-killing effects that have allowed many to become entirely pharmaceutical free (an inspiringly common event within the kratom community).

As public awareness increases and fear-mongering and outright disinformation dissipate, you can expect to see this plant as a commonplace alternative to riskier treatments.

Kratom can effectively reduce pain from conditions such as:

Fresh Kratom leaf on the tree


Tons of fresh Kratom leaf


Fresh Kratom Leaf

White Vein Vietnam Kratom leaf free ship usa